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Fast rising of Fromowner.com ...

Fromowner.com is one of the easiest and fastest way to provide your brand, product or service inorder to reach a wide audience. It has thousands of categories such as Automobile, real estate, apparel, computers, mobile phones; grows rapidly its number of users and also grows progressively in the most diverse and comprehensive way its ad portfolio.

Fromowner.com is a high revert trade platform with a growing number of visitors and a variety of Ad. For example a person who wants to change his old car can sell it and find his new car in Fromowner.com. Also a person who Wants to get a new mobile phone or someone also looking for a gift for his/her lover on a special day visits Fromowner.com .

Monthly Traffic Information


Member's Profile

Our visitors are ofcourse one of the lifeblood of Fromowner.com. Fromowner.com provides quality of traffic flow with its Adverts, brands allowing significant contribution to reach goals.   Fromowner.com has a structure with various groups which appeals to many users profile. With this audience You can pass your alternative Ads to your targeted audience by selecting the appropriate section for your product and services.

Reklam Seçenekleri


Hedef Odaklı Reklam

Fromowner.com'da pek çok farklı reklam seçeneği mevcuttur. Reklam seçeneklerimiz hakkında detaylı bilgileri aşağıda bulabilirsiniz.   Fromowner.com, dünya çapında bir ilan sitesi olarak, pek çok farklı ülkeden, her gruptan kullanıcı profiline hitap eden bir yapıya sahiptir. Bu sayede reklamınız için hedef belirleyebilirsiniz.


Banner Areas

Banner Areas in the Homepage

Fromowner.com's Homepage is a great center of attraction. Your advert, product or service that will appear in the Homepage will allow you to get a wide audience and will contribute to brand awareness.

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Homepage Top Banner



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Homepage Center Banner



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Homepage Left Banners

240x90 and 240x240

Banner Area in My Account page

By Advertising in Fromowner.com's Member Information page, you may attract more users attention which will certainly increase the introduction rate of your company or your product.

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My Account Bottom Banner


Banner Area in the Category page

If you advertise in Fromowner.com's Category page, you will be able to reach your goals faster.

kategori banner

Category Top Banner



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Category Left Banners

240x90 and 240x240


With your Adverts in Fromowner.com's Mobile pages, you will easily reach our visitors that use mobile devices.

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Mobile Top Banner



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Mobile Bottom Banner


Ad Examples

You can find below some ad examples published in Fromowner.com.

örnek reklam   örnek reklam   örnek reklam

Reporting System

According to the classical and old advertising platform,the greatest advantage of Internet advertising is the measurable advertising performance.

Fromowner.com advertises your product or service while producing solutions that meets your needs; these solutions are implemented with a reporting system that reports their contributions and recycling.

In the report you will be able to see informations about the clicks on your Ad in fromowner.com, the country and the city of the people who see it. And based on these informations, you can get more effective results by changing the advertising design, broadcasting hours in order to reach more people.

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