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FROMOWNER will not reveal to third parties the personal information electronically transmitted by the Users from the "PORTAL" except for the purposes and scope identified by "FROMOWNER Membership Agreement" that it has made with its Members.

"FROMOWNER", when necessary for the purposes of defining the problems about the system and urgently troubleshooting for the troubles that might occur in the PORTAL, identifies the IP addresses of the users and uses them. IP addresses can as well be used to generally define the users and collect comprehensive demographic information.

It is required for the users to provide "FROMOWNER" some personal information (name-surname, company information, telephone, address, e-mail etc.) about themselves by way of membership or filling some forms or polls on the "PORTAL". "FROMOWNER" can use such information for direct marketing that would be made by "FROMOWNER" or by persons in cooperation with "FROMOWNER" outside the purposes and scope defined in "FROMOWNER" Membership Agreement, as well. Personal information can as well be used to contact the user, when necessary. The information requested by "FROMOWNER" or the information provided by the user or the information about the operations made via "PORTAL" can be used by "FROMOWNER" and by persons in cooperation with "FROMOWNER", outside the purposes and scope defined in "FROMOWNER Membership Agreement"; for the purposes of making some statistical evaluations, composing a database or market research; without disclosure of the users identity.

"FROMOWNER" can, on the "PORTAL", provide links to other websites. "FROMOWNER" holds no responsibility for the privacy applications and contents of the sites accessed by such links. Personal information include the name, surname, address, telephone number, e-mail address and all kinds of information to identify the user. "FROMOWNER", unless stated otherwise in this Privacy Policy, will not reveal any of your personal information to the companies that are not in cooperation with "FROMOWNER" and to third parties. In the limited circumstances identified below, "FROMOWNER" can outside the provisions of this Privacy Policy reveal the user's information to third parties. Such limited number of circumstances are;
1- To comply with the obligations arising from legal rules in force;
2- To comply with the requirements of the "FROMOWNER Membership Agreement" and other agreements between "FROMOWNER" and the users and to put them into practice;
3- In the event that information concerning the users is requested by the competent administrative and judicial authorities for the purpose of duly executing an investigation or an enquiry;
4- The circumstances in which providing information is necessary for the protection of the user´s rights and security.

"FROMOWNER" can obtain information about the users and the users? usage of the "PORTAL" by using a technical communication file (Cookie) as well. Such technical communication files are small text files send by a website to a user?s browser to be kept in the main memory. Technical communication file stores the conditions and choices about a website and eases the Internet usage. Technical communication file facilitates to provide statistical information concerning, how many people uses the PORTAL, the purpose of the visit of a person of the PORTAL, the number and duration of the visits; and to dynamically produce advertisements and content from user pages designed specifically for the users.

Technical communication file is not designed to collect data or any other personal information from the main memory or your e-mail. Most of the browsers are initially designed to accept technical communication files but the users, if they wish, can change the settings so that no technical communication file is received or an alert would appear when a technical communication file is sent.

Information requested by "FROMOWNER" from the users who reply to the periodical surveys on the "PORTAL" are used by "FROMOWNER" and persons in cooperation with "FROMOWNER" for the purposes of direct marketing to such users, statistical analyses and composition of a data base. "FROMOWNER" can amend the provisions of this "Privacy Policy" aanytime by publishing the amendment on the "PORTAL". The amendments on the "Privacy Policy" become effective as they are published on the "PORTAL".

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