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The first publication date of Fromowner.com coincides with January 2013, when the Internet was the most popular and lively in the world. The idea of ​​moving fast and easy listing search opportunities to the Internet globally for buyers was first put forward by fromowner.com in 2012. After the idea was projected and the necessary infrastructure was prepared, it started posting ads under 10 main categories in 2013.


Fromowner.com, which continuously improves its current dynamic structure by evaluating the suggestions it receives from its users and is the pioneer of the service with its global career section, has always considered customer satisfaction and requests as its first priority in its services.


As Fromowner.com, we produce fast, innovative, sustainable and unique solutions.


Continuing its 24/7 support operation with our team and with its continuous and technology R&D policy, it will keep up with its own infrastructure investments and work with innovative technology every day and improve itself.

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